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Concrete Soo provides the Greater Sault Ste Marie area with high quality concrete services.  We pride ourselves on our craft and communication to ensure that your experience is high quality.

Concrete Soo provides high quality concrete services to residential, commercial and industrial projects. Here is our most popular services that we provide, however we can also provide custom applications to your projects specifications.  Concrete Saulte Ste Marie is just what we do best.

Driveways are the best way to both increase curb appeal and provide a highly usable space with minimal maintenance.
The best way to ensure that your shed will stay anchored without any concern for weather shifts.

Providing new basement floors to those which need removal and to new developments in the Sault Ste Marie area.

Immediately provide a highly durable solution for both functionality of a property and custom decorative designs.
Properly supporting your hot tub is crucial to its ongoing functionality, while also allowing you custom options.
Reduce the footprint of concrete on your environment which jointly allows for some cost saving benefits.
For all property applications while also providing custom solutions in terms of stamping and exposed aggregate.
Extending basement access to a property can be created with all yearly weather impacts in mind to ensure sustainability.
Customizable concrete patterns with color and exposed aggregate options easily match your needs.

Why Choose Concrete Soo


Experienced with all residential, commercial and industrial needs and plans means that you will have veteran concrete contractors attending your project from start to finish.


Ensuring that all issues are accounted for prior to beginning a project, we will be able to skillfully tackle all obstacles which your property may have and keep you informed the whole way.


We are in tune with Sault Ste Marie concrete contractors and their pricing, which means that you will receive a competitive quote that is fair and carefully considers your budget.

Our Recent Projects

Have a look at some of the previous work that we’ve done throughout our years.

Concrete Walkway Sault Ste Marie
Concrete Patio Sault Ste Marie
Concrete Driveway Sault Ste Marie
Stamped Concrete Sault Ste Marie
Concrete Walkway Sault Ste Marie
Stamped Concrete Border Sault Ste Marie

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